How are you doing? 🙂 This week I’m hoping to write something more personal. Spilling out thoughts and stories of myself entering adulthood as a twenty something – how risky but exciting at the same time! Twenty years of age is truly a special period of time where you go through probably some of the most important transitions, or even transformations in life. You were told that opportunities are everywhere for you to grab – reach for what you want, seek something new, ‘go live your dream’.

Some see dreams and ‘life goals’ as the same thing – whilst not necessarily equating to a career, everyone wants to do something they like, and to do it well enough that they can make a living – perhaps that’s also what most people think they should have figured out when they reach adulthood. But of course, also like the most of us, reaching 20 years of age does not automatically guarantee a moment of epiphany. Expectations from people around & from yourself start building up, yet you feel like you’re somehow stuck in a moment of ‘I have no idea what I’m going to do’. In midst of losing grip and having absolutely no direction, you might start to ask yourself: what is there that the world might be asking or needing from me? What am I able to offer?

I realised the world doesn’t stress about what I’m good at right now – and neither should I

I remember a year ago I spent almost my whole entire summer asking myself the questions above. And honestly, it didn’t help me at all. It was until I started meeting more people, observing what they do and spending more time around those who seem to know what they’re doing and look as if they’ve got it all sorted out.

And it was when I realised I’ve been asking myself the wrong question all along the way. I realised that what you are able to offer doesn’t depend on what skills you have – but how much time you’re willing to put in. It’s definitely an easy route to begin where you’re already good at, however it doesn’t take in account of whether you’re born with a particular strength that you’re not necessarily interested in developing further on.

If you feel like you can’t find a life goal, ask yourself these questions instead

Your life goal may also be your hobby but that’s not enough. Your life goal might be the thing you’re the best at doing but that’s also not sufficient. Growth and passion go hand in hand – I firmly believe that where you place yourself in will eventually be where growth happens and skills develop. Personally for me it’s writing. It doesn’t come easy either – sometimes it aches my brain, sometimes I literally feel like I am d.r.a.i.n.e.d. after an entire afternoon of typing and writing.


So ask yourself the following questions:

What are the things that you keep going back to do, even when it tires you and takes up so much of your energy?

What drains you mentally but brings you joy at the same time?

What screams the word, ME?

Yet it doesn’t matter whether writing is currently my strongest skill, and it doesn’t matter if I see no immediate ‘outcomes’. I always come back to it when I feel the most like myself – and that’s for me the most important factor in searching for a purposeful goal in life.

What  do you think? I hope these questions will help you get a bit of grip along this miserably long and bumpy journey. To all the 20 something’s: we’re all on it, and we’ll find our way!
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